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Tooth Extractions Help Sustain Proper Oral Health

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40 Years of Experience in Tooth Extractions

We prioritize rehabilitating and improving the health and strength of natural teeth through cosmetic and restorative treatments. There are times, however, where teeth have been too badly compromised to be saved through these measures. In these instances, tooth extractions pose the next viable solution for maintaining the health of your smile. Tooth extractions are rarely painful or lead to additional complications when completed by experienced dentists. In fact, they are designed to eliminate tooth pain and infection completely from the mouth so that proper oral health can be sustained. Dr. John Gordon has 40 years of dental experience and performs tooth extractions in Kansas City, MO on a routine basis. He holds expertise in the tooth extractions process, including for wisdom teeth, and is highly experienced in replacing teeth with aesthetic, functional dental bridges or dental implants.

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Why You May Need Tooth Extractions

  • Dental implant preparation
  • Decayed or diseased tooth
  • Significant dental trauma
  • Severe tooth infection
  • Impacted teeth
Tooth Extraction
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From Extraction to Dental Implants

Restorations after tooth extractions (not involving impacted teeth) improve oral function and, in some cases, appear more attractive and healthier than the original tooth. Of all the replacement options, dental implants remain the most ideal long-term for both functional and aesthetic purposes. For many patients, the option to replace teeth with a permanent and healthy solution like dental implants makes it easier to undergo tooth extractions. During your appointment, the treatment site is completely numbed and the tooth is removed with techniques that help minimize trauma to the bone and gums. Tooth extractions do cause slight bleeding that will occur temporarily, but the area will heal quickly. If you have reservations about tooth extractions, we do all we can to help make your appointment safe, comfortable, and pleasant.

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Tooth pain? Tooth extraction may be your solution.