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Your New Smile, in Half the Time

Have crooked teeth caused you to feel embarrassed or dissatisfied with your smile? You are definitely not alone! As one of the most defining features of a person, your smile can say a lot about you. If you’re unhappy about how it looks, it can affect your willingness to interact with others and smile with confidence! With advancements in orthodontics, you won’t have to wait years to achieve your dream smile. In fact, with Propel® accelerated Invisalign® treatment, you could be completely finished with treatment in as little as 3-10 months! That’s half the time of standard Invisalign treatment and dramatically faster than the time you would spend in traditional metal braces. As a Gold Invisalign Provider experienced in cosmetic dentistry treatments, we have successfully helped hundreds of adult and teen patients achieve beautiful smiles.

What Is Propel® Advanced Orthodontics?

Propel advanced orthodontics accelerates Invisalign treatment by stimulating the bone surrounding the teeth to increase the rate and efficiency of their movement. When we create minute perforations in the bone above and between the teeth, the localized inflammation alerts the body’s natural healing response to provide an increased amount of blood flow and cytokines (growth factors) to the area. This expedites the bone remodeling process as the teeth continue to move. Propel treatment is highly effective at helping improve the accuracy of tooth movement and speeding up the orthodontic treatment process as a whole. The Propel technique is both safe and comfortable and allows us to offer you the opportunity to straighten teeth in only a few months!

Propel® Advanced Orthodontics Kansas City, MO

The Amazing Advantages of Propel Invisalign

  • Get the beautiful smile of your dreams in 50% less time!
  • Discreetly straighten teeth with custom clear aligners
  • Don’t worry about a restricted diet or changing your hygiene routine
  • Save time by only visiting our office a few times during treatment
  • Feel confident in a brand new smile in as little as 3-10 months

Invisalign is for more than just aesthetics

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Our Invisalign Treatment Process

Invisalign treatment is customized to your specific orthodontic case and designed to provide the most optimal results. We take impressions of your teeth using our iTero® digital scanner, which are used to create a series of custom clear aligners. These aligners are worn for 20-22 hours each day and removed when you eat, drink, and for cleaning. In our Kansas City, MO office, we skillfully monitor your Invisalign treatment and utilize Propel techniques throughout to ensure the best results for your smile. Once you have completed treatment, your teeth will be in their ideal position, providing you with an attractive new smile and a dramatic boost in self-confidence!

Every Patient Has A Story

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I wanted braces – Dr. Gordon told me about Invisalign

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