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Fix Your “Gummy” Smile in One Visit

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Restore Balance to Your Smile

Beautiful smiles are not just about straight, white teeth. Aesthetics come when both the teeth and gums are properly proportioned and balanced together. Do you have a “gummy” smile? Soft tissue recontouring is a procedure that restores this proportion to your smile. Soft tissue recontouring may seem like an invasive procedure, but through our use of advanced technology and techniques, it is very much the opposite, providing patients with comfortable and convenient experiences with rarely any downtime. With our expertise and artistry, we can rebalance your smile and transform a “gummy” smile into one of vibrant beauty!

Using laser to sculpt your smile

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The Soft Tissue Recontouring Procedure

A “gummy” smile may be aesthetically displeasing, without any functional or health issues needing to be addressed. Aesthetic gum recontouring reshapes the gum tissue around each tooth into a more balanced arch to expose more visible tooth, improving overall proper gum-to-tooth proportion. Sometimes, crown lengthening is needed for functional reasons. If there is not enough tooth exposed for a crown or other restoration, functional crown lengthening can expose more of the tooth structure to allow for it. As cosmetic dentists, our team at Gordon Dental is skilled in the artistry involved in soft tissue recontouring to provide the most attractive results and health benefits for each patient’s unique smile.

Custom Care, Beautiful Results

Crown lengthening procedures can improve the appearance of the entire smile, giving patients a more natural and aesthetic look, without causing major discomfort. Soft tissue recontouring as a gummy smile treatment is driven by your unique smile goals and how you desire your smile to appear cosmetically once treatment is complete. We will help you determine the best tooth-to-gum ratio for your unique facial shape. We take great pride in ensuring each of our patient’s smiles not only function correctly, but are symmetrical and balanced, harmonizing beautifully with the face. Whether you need soft tissue recontouring to restore health or improve aesthetics, our treatment is convenient and safe, providing you with an enhanced and attractive smile you’ll be proud to show off!

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