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Do You Need a Smile Makeover?

Embarrassed. Discouraged. Humiliated. Ashamed. Do any (or all) of these words describe how you feel when you look at your smile in the mirror? Have you ever wished you could wake up one morning with that Hollywood smile characteristic of your favorite celebrity or even a fellow coworker?

As often the most distinguishing and memorable part of a person, your smile plays a significant role in how you feel about yourself, your mood, and how you interact with others. If you have ever dreamed about what having a flawless, beautiful smile would mean for your self-confidence, happiness, relationships, or social life, then you’re the perfect candidate for a smile makeover! We are the leaders of cosmetic smile makeovers in the Kansas City, MO area and can help you regain your smile, and life, through personalized and compassionate treatment. We can turn your imperfect, missing, worn, or discolored teeth into a pain-free, gorgeous, healthy smile you will be proud to show off.

Smile Makeover designed just for you

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You Visualize a New Smile, We Make It Reality

Before you even meet with our team at Gordon Dental, chances are you have visualized your “perfect” smile or seen it on someone else. During your initial consultations, our goal is to help you define your most ideal smile and how we can help get you there through a personalized smile makeover treatment process. Defining the most beautiful smiles for each of our patients involves reestablishing or improving key elements of both the functional and aesthetic. It is no small task to achieve this outcome. A complete smile makeover is aesthetically-driven for the face, but foundationally structured in proper occlusion of the teeth and health of the gums and bone. But what exactly is a smile makeover?

Smile makeover with Dr Gordon Kansas City, MO

The Elements of a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a comprehensive process designed to enhance the appearance of the smile while creating a dental foundation free from disease and malfunction, a transformation that significantly improves beauty, function, and your confidence. Candidates for a smile makeover are those whose teeth are cosmetically unattractive (chips, fractures, gaps, discoloration) and may not function correctly due to crookedness, malocclusion, damage, disease, or trauma.

Why Choose Dr. Gordon to Transform Your Smile?

A smile makeover, like all cosmetic dentistry treatments, is as much an art as it is a science—both technical skill and artistry are involved in producing exceptional results for our patients. Dr. John Gordon, our leading cosmetic dentist, has been practicing cosmetic dentistry for over 35 years and has completed hundreds of smile makeover treatments. He has trained extensively in cosmetics, dental occlusion, and restorative dentistry at both the Pankey Institute and the Dawson Academy, and alongside Jeff Morley and Jimmy Eubanks, two of the founders of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This training and expertise in cosmetic dentistry is pivotal to designing uniquely personal smiles for each of his patients and is one of the reasons Dr. Gordon is regarded as one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the Kansas City, MO area. A renewed sense of confidence is the greatest give we can give our patients and this is evidenced in the consistency of our clinical outcomes and the countless lives we have changed through smile makeover treatment. Are you ready to make your dream smile a reality?

Every Patient Has A Story

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