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Patient Center

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Our Patient's Comfort is Our Priority

Can you remember the last time you had a truly great experience at the dentist?   We’ll wait.

If it’s been awhile – or worse, if you’ve never had a good experience with a dental office – we’d like to invite you to experience the Gordon Dental difference. We make finding a Kansas City dentist convenient.

We think you’ll love it here. Top-notch dental care is our goal, and patients are our passion. From your first phone call to the time your first appointment ends, you’ll know that every person at Gordon Dental is focused on giving you the very best dental experience you’ve ever had. Finding a Kansas City dentist has never been easier.

Whether you visit Gordon Dental for the first time – or the 48th – we’ll always make you feel like a member of our family.

Exceptional patient care is our top priority at Gordon Dental. The patient experience begins with our patient coordinators, Colleen and Jessie. They are tasked with taking care of patients and giving them the best experience every visit and from the very first phone call. When a new patient calls, Colleen or Jessie will schedule your free consultation and serve as your point of contact until the first visit. When the first visit rolls around, you can walk into our office assured that someone already knows and is waiting to take care of you, which removes some anxiety and fear about the visit.

Gordon Dental’s entire staff focuses on consistency of service and making patients feel valued and respected in a relaxed environment. And we’re always finding new ways to give patients a fun dental experience. We value our patients and work to nurture a long-lasting, happy relationship with them.

But don’t just take it from us – here’s what our patients have said about their experience and our quality dental care:

“These people are wonderful! They make you feel so very special every single time you’re there.” – Debbie Bonacker

“These guys are incredible! Every single person greets you with a smile. Since my first visit, they haven’t had to ask my name once.” – Landon Foreman

Finding a Kansas City dentist can be a challenge. But if you’re looking for a truly different dental experience – one that is fun and relaxing rather than stressful and scary – you can trust Gordon Dental to deliver quality dental care and an exceptional patient experience. Not just your first time, but every time.

If you’re searching for a new dentist for you and your family, come visit the Gordon Dental family. We’d love to meet you and discuss your dental needs. We are passionate about helping our patients transform their smiles into something they’ve always dreamed about. Finding a Kansas City dentist starts here. Call us today to schedule a free new patient consultation. We can’t wait to see you and welcome you into our family!

Meet our friendly dentists, today!