Symptoms To Watch For

Symptoms To Watch For

When you are at risk of a major oral health problem, there are signs and symptoms to watch for that warn you of the upcoming risks. Unfortunately, many people ignore signs of health issues, fearing they will have to experience painful procedures to rectify the problem. Before your oral health gets out of hand, here are symptoms to watch out for that may mean a dental issue is arising.

  1. Bright red and bleeding gums
    1. If you are experiencing your gums changing color from their natural pink, flesh color to a bright cherry red you may be a candidate for gum disease. Gum disease reveals itself in the form of bright gums, that begin to bleed at brushing or flossing. The gums being sensitive, bleeding, and red may be the first signs of infection beginning.
  2. Swollen and tender soft tissue
    1. If your gums begin to swell and are tender to the touch, this also may be a sign of gum disease. Of course, there are exceptions to anything, but if your gums begin to appear and feel abnormal, it is important to seek dental attention.  
  3. Toothaches
    1. If you begin to experience toothaches, or sensitivity to temperatures, you may have the beginnings of an oral issue. When aches start in the teeth, a cavity may be forming. When cavities form, it is not unusual to feel aches and discomfort, as a cavity is tooth decay in the tooth. When a cavity begins, your tooth is exposed in ways it is not used to, causing some pain.
  4. Tooth discoloration
    1. Tooth discoloration is common with tooth decay or a dying tooth. If your tooth begins to change color, it is important to see your dentist. Tooth discoloration may be the warning signs for many oral issues arising, so it is imperative to get help.

If you are noticing anything out of the ordinary in your oral cavity, see your dentist. Schedule routine cleanings and appointments so your dentist and their team can ensure your optimal oral health. Stay on top of the signs and symptoms your body warns you of. 

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