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How Invisalign Improves Smiles and Changes Lives

Some people eventually learn to live with a smile they’re unhappy with. Others never quite feel fully confident in their smiles, even in adulthood. But no matter if you’re a teen, young adult or a senior citizen, Invisalign invisible aligner trays offer the opportunity to finally achieve a stunning, symmetrical smile that’ll attract all the right attention – and they’re invisible, so most people will never know you’re wearing them.

Take a look at how invisible aligner trays can discreetly straighten your smile and make you feel more confident being you. 

No One Has to Know

When you choose to go with Invisalign®, your dentist will take 3D scans of your teeth and will plot both where and how much each tooth should be progressively moved by the gentle force of the invisible aligner trays. So because invisible aligners fit so snuggly against the teeth and because they’re completely clear, it’s hard for people to spot them. And you get to quietly straighten your teeth without the whole world knowing about it.

It Can Be Quicker Than Traditional Braces

For some people, traditional braces straighten teeth faster because, unlike Invisalign, you can’t take them off anytime you want to. Despite this, Invisalign treatment can be faster than conventional braces when used to correct some mild to moderate cases of teeth alignment issues.

They’re Flexible to Fit Your Lifestyle

Though you’ll need to keep them in for at least 22 hours every day, you can take out your invisible aligners anytime you want to. So if you’re about to eat some that’ll stain or warp your aligners from heat, you can take them out and enjoy whatever it is you want to consume. After brushing your teeth, simply pop your invisible aligners back into your mouth. You can also pop out your aligners whenever you want to get ready to take a picture and show off the amazing progress you’ve been making with straightening your teeth.

Learn More About Teeth Straightening Options

Schedule an appointment with a local cosmetic dentist in Kansas City, MO to find out more about invisible aligners and other dental treatments.

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