Some of the Many Ways a Dentist Can Keep Your Smile Healthy

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The more time that lapses between visits to the dentist, the fewer options your dental staff will have for restoring or maintaining your teeth. Inversely, those who visit their dentist’s office at least once a year will have many more options available to improve their smile and prevent serious issues from taking root. Take a […]

Ways a Dentist Straightens Crooked Teeth

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There are good reasons braces are top of mind when people think of ways to straighten their teeth – braces are really effective and efficient in aligning teeth. However, there are several other proven methods a dentist can use to help you achieve straighter teeth. Take a look at some of the many ways your […]

TMJ Treatment: How Your Dentist Can Help

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For many people, the first place they turn to for help when dealing with chronic jaw pain such as TMJ is their primary care physician. However, the most effective solutions for treating chronic jaw pain are often found at a different type of doctor: your dentist. Take a look at some of the ways a […]

What to Do After a Tooth Extraction

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After your dentist pulls your tooth, or teeth, you’ll be given a set of aftercare instructions that’ll help set you on the path to fast healing. However, knowing what you’ll need to do beforehand will help ensure that you’re prepared to follow all of the steps your dentist will outline for your after your tooth […]

What Can I Expect from Having a Tooth Extraction?

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There’s a good reason the term, “like pulling teeth,” exists, right? That popular saying was born from dentistry of yesteryear. These days, having teeth pulled is a lot less painful thanks to the leaps and bounds made by modern medicine. However, knowing what to expect going into your tooth extraction procedure can help ensure it […]

What Can an Emergency Dentist Offer?

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When there’s an injury that threatens the loss of life or limb, there’s no question where you should turn: first responders and an emergency room. However, there’s a lot your dentist can do for you when you’re dealing with time-sensitive issues impacting the mouth. Take a look at some of the many services a local […]