How many times have you felt conscious about your smile? This 2019, it’s time to stop hiding your grin in photographs and to bare your new smile proudly. It’s your time to shine!

You may be shying away from the limelight for various reasons. Many clients cite feeling conscious about their yellow teeth, while others are hesitant of showing off their uneven teeth. Whatever the case, we at Gordon Dental has competitive cosmetic dentistry services that will address these needs. What’s more, our services are paired with our unparalleled ultimate level of quality, so you will get the best possible service in the industry.

We offer custom dental veneers, smile sculpting, and orthodontics. We also have professional whitening services and cosmetic dentures. We have custom smile makeovers in case you need a combination of services or more specialized care.

All these services are designed to give you the new smile you have been wanting to have. If you are hesitating because of your age, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Some of our patients have sought our services well into adulthood, particularly when their third molars have been removed and their teeth have shifted. In this case, going for Invisalign or even traditional braces would be helpful.

We at Gordon Dental use one of the best dental labs in the United States to ensure that you will get the smile that you are looking for. Our dentists will also go above and beyond to ensure that you will get the most out of our services.

We have financing options to help you get the smile you want at a price you can afford. We offer in-house payment plans, as well as low-interest rates up to five years through Care Credit and Lending Club.

With these in place, you no longer have an excuse to neglect giving yourself the perfect new smile this year. Call us today at (816) 505-2222 to know more.