It’s time to dazzle guests and family alike when you flash your holiday smile in Kansas City! Did you know that there is more to smiling than just making you look more attractive? Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from baring your pearly whites.

  1. Smiling can lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

If you’re part of Singletown, you’re probably tired of being asked when you will get married or when you’ll bring a girlfriend to the party. You might’ve gained weight, and your relatives have surely noticed. Holidays can be very stressful, particularly with the cutting remarks some relatives make. Here’s how you can get the better out of them though: just give them your holiday smile in Kansas City! Science has shown that it can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, thereby reducing any stress you may be feeling.

  1. Smiling strengthens your immune system.

Aside from giving you a brief respite from stress, smiling can also bolster your immune system. Smiling tends to help you relax, which in turn triggers your body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. So don’t let the negative comments bring you down – smile away and know that you are giving your immune system a helping hand.

  1. Smiling releases endorphins.

Your holiday smile in Kansas City has the added benefit of triggering endorphins, a feel-good hormone. You’ll feel less stressed, and you’ll feel more positive. You’ll also be able to beat back cortisol which can make you a grumpy guest.

Smiling, therefore, gives your immune system a boost, floods your system with endorphins, and helps you lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Do you need more reasons to smile this holiday season? If you want to further improve your smile, call us today at (816) 505-2222.