What are you smiling about this fall, KC? Is it the beautiful colors that the trees are showing off lately? How about chilly nights outside by the firepit catching up with neighbors? Maybe it’s the return of the pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks? Or perhaps it’s the KC Chiefs’ awesome record so far this season?  

Whatever you’re smiling about this fall, make sure your smile is the healthiest and brightest smile possible. The countdown is on to the end of the year, and everyone is busy with family, school and work obligations. Soon, holiday parties, shopping and errands will have us running. So stop for a minute — while you have one or two — and think about your KC oral health. When was the last time you and your family had their teeth cleaned? Didn’t you mean to look into your teen getting Invisalign?

This fall, focus on your and your family’s KC oral health. The end of the year is full of activities and fun. But make sure to focus on important things, too, like whether you have used all of the health care and dental plan benefits covered by your insurance. If you don’t review your insurance before the end of the year, you could be throwing away money, and that would definitely not make you smile. Here are two specific insurance-related items to consider this time of year:

  • Deductibles – We’re getting close to the end of 2018, so you should consider how close your are to hitting your deductible because they reset at the end of each year. If you’ve met your deductible, this may be a great time to consider getting those wisdom teeth pulled, or getting Invisalign for your teen. If you have met your deductible already, you have every incentive to take full advantage of all your KC oral health and health care needs before the deductible resets.
  • Annual Maximums – Your dental plan may allow for a maximum coverage amount.  If you have funds in your plan and you anticipate needing work done in the near future, including fillings, root canal or crown, schedule an appointment to take care of it before the plan resets for 2019.

Whether you want to end the year with straighter teeth or just can’t put off that filling any longer, taking care of your teeth before the crush of the holiday season is a great plan this fall. Call Gordon Dental today for all your KC oral health needs, 816.505.2222 or visit kcgordondental.com. Watch Facebook for our Black Wednesday specials this month!