Everyone wants whiter, brighter teeth. In fact, white teeth have become the must-have accessory for men and women.

But it’s not always been easy to achieve a brighter smile. Maybe you’ve tried yucky pastes, messy trays and ineffective strips. Or maybe you’ve suffered through painful, pricey treatments at the dentist. If so, you’ve probably been disappointed and maybe you’ve given up.

Don’t do that try GLO Science! The GLO process is simple and works so well it will amaze you! In fact, it will brighten your smile and and your life.

Among teeth whitening home solutions in Kansas City or anywhere else, there is no competition. GLO Science combines LED light and warming GLO heat to whiten teeth for faster, easier, and more effective whitening for professional-level whitening at home. GLO Science claims it’s clinically proven to get teeth “five times whiter without sensitivity,” and users agree.

According to a recent review from Business Insider: GLO Science’s Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device is “easily the most effective at-home teeth whitener I’ve ever used.”

After visiting your dentist for the initial whitening treatment and equipment, it’s a simple process: You charge your GLO device, apply the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to your teeth, then place the mouthpiece over your teeth and turn it on. The device emits a blue light and heat. After 8 minutes, the device turns itself off. Repeat the process four times for optimal results, and again over the course of about 5 days. After that, use whenever you feel the need, and for monthly maintenance sessions.

GLO is the only teeth whitening device that uses both heat and light for faster, more effective, longer lasting whitening results without sensitivity. If you are looking for teeth whitening home solutions in Kansas City, look no further than GLO. Here are more reasons why GLO Science is the best teeth whitening treatment around:

  • It’s patented, clinically proven, FDA registered and is used in thousands of dental practices.
  • There’s no sensitivity or pain.
  • GLO can whiten your teeth 5-7 shades.
  • The gel is vegan and free of harmful chemicals.
  • The process is easy, fast and convenient and the application is neat not messy.  
  • GLO features a wearable, hands-free design, so GLO while you go!
  • You can do it at home whenever you want after an initial visit to your dentist.

There’s scientific proof, too. In an independent clinical study, participants used the GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device 8 minutes at a time for 4 applications a day for 5 days, and saw the following results:

  • 0% reported any pain or sensitivity after using GLO
  • There was an average tooth shade improvement of 5 shades after 5 days
  • 100% said they got whiter teeth
  • 100% noticed immediate results
  • 100% said GLO was easy to use

When it comes to teeth whitening home solutions in Kansas City, you can’t beat GLO Science! Whitening your teeth has never been so easy!

At Gordon Dental, we are GLO experts – our office was selected as Kansas City’s No. 1 GLO Science provider! Call us today for a GLO consultation, 816.505.2222, or visit kcgordondental.com. Find out why we love this innovative, convenient and effective teeth-whitening solution, and you will, too!