Experience the life-changing power of a beautiful, radiant smile.

Custom Smile Makeovers

When your smile GLOs, so do you. The #1 most recommended teeth whitening system by dentists, GLO puts cutting-edge whitening technology in your hands at home or on-the-go. Invented by celebrated dentist and oral health expert, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, GLO Science is backed by 18 patents and 8 patents pending, and is a four-time recipient of the prestigious Thomas Edison Award. GLO Science is responsible for modernizing the dental practice and transforming the way patients and consumers approach oral health and teeth whitening.

G.L.O. (Guided Light Optic) technology has revolutionized whitening by addressing the compromises of other whitening systems. The GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device, when used with the Whitening G-Vial Gels and Whitening Mouthpiece, illuminates with a brilliant blue light as it gently warms. The heat accelerates the whitening gel inside the closed system mouthpiece, resulting in faster, more efficient, and longer lasting whitening without the sensitivity. It is clinically proven to whiten teeth by five shades in as little as five days with little to no sensitivity. We call this the GLO difference.

GLO Brilliant Technology

Here at Gordon Dental, we don’t dictate which type of veneer treatment is best for our patients. Instead, we present to you with all available, office-based, dental solutions, and let your unique smile guide us toward the best route of treatment. Dental veneers are no different. Our Kansas City dentists provide porcelain veneers as well as minimal-prep, micro-thin veneers that require less tooth adjustment.

How To Use

Adjusting the shape or contour of your teeth and gums can have a tremendous impact on the overall appearance of your smile. Sculpting enhances your teeth so that they appear fuller and healthier. It’s a simple, straightforward approach that can be used from minor to even more complex smile makeovers. One of our Kansas City dental solutions teams will meet with you to get a feel for your case and what are your dental needs.

The Ultimate Level of Quality

Define your smile with the beautiful teeth that you’ve always wanted. Gordon Dental uses one of the best dental labs in the United States. Our dentists work closely with the lab to communicate the unique needs of your smile, for the most accurate prosthesis possible.

Leave your next appointment with a brand new smile that you’ll fall absolutely in love with. Schedule a new smile design consultation at our Kansas City office today. Financing plans are available!

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