Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to brighten your smile? Well, get GLO-ing with the GLO Science teeth whitening system and never look back!

You haven’t heard of GLO yet? It’s the amazing teeth whitening system that’s clinically proven to deliver professional quality teeth whitening at home. In just five days, teeth can become five shades whiter on average – or even more – and with GLO, you won’t suffer the painful sensitivity issues often associated with other treatments.

GLO is dentist-invented and clinically proven. After an initial consultation and whitening session at the dentist’s office, you can whiten at home whenever and as often as you’d like. The unique Guided Light Optics (GLO) technology uses heat and light to accelerate and stabilize whitening. Simply apply the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel onto the front of your teeth. Then activate the lightweight GLO controller, and insert the attached mouthpiece when it lights up. You can move about freely until it turns off eight minutes later. It’s so easy! Rinse and repeat, for four application sessions, eight minutes each, daily. After your initial treatment at the dentist office and then just 3-5 consecutive days of treatments, you will see dramatically lighter, brighter teeth.

At Gordon Dental, we love the GLO whitening system – and our patients love the results and love the fact that there is no pain or sensitivity with GLO. This month, Gordon Dental is offering a teeth whitening special in Kansas City: 30% off our in-office GLO whitening procedure!

We are Kansas City’s #1 GLO Science provider! Call us today and see why this teeth whitening procedure is so popular. Don’t forget to ask about our teeth whitening special in Kansas City, and don’t miss out on these promotions Gordon Dental is offering this week:

  • January 3rd– 30% off our in-office GLO whitening procedure
  • January 4th– Additional $250 off when you start your Accelerated Invisalign treatment (total of $1,000 combined with the January special)
  • January 8th– 10% off of a new cosmetic smile design case

In addition, the entire month of January, we’re offering a $100 credit toward treatment for all new patients, $750 off Accelerated Invisalign and $500 off traditional Invisalign. Start off the new year right – let us help you get that stunning smile you’ve always wanted!

Keep watching your inbox, our Facebook page, or check the Gordon Dental website for more details! Call us at 816.505.2222 to take advantage of our teeth whitening special in Kansas City. Keep that resolution for whiter, brighter teeth and schedule a GLO whitening treatment today!