If you have a holiday wedding coming up, you likely are busy carefully picking out cakes, dresses and photographers. But when that day comes, you want your smile to match your dress in those expensive pictures. So don’t forget to set aside time to whiten your teeth before you say “I do.”

Here are a few things you can do to get a picture-perfect smile on your wedding day:

  1. Get a cleaning: Don’t whiten your teeth without cleaning them first. This will help reveal the true shade of your teeth so you can achieve the best whitening results possible.
  2. Schedule a consultation: Don’t wait until the last minute to whiten! Keep in mind, any whitening process will take at least one to two weeks, so you can’t start the night before the big date. Talk to your cosmetic dentist about which whitening option is best for you. The GLO Science whitening solution is preferred by many cosmetic dentists. “We’ve used many products through the years … nothing has compared to what we’re experiencing with GLO with patients,” said Dr. John Gordon. “It’s a faster process, it’s more illuminating, and it’s definitely whiter.”
  3. Plan a GLO whitening party for you and your wedding party: You want your entire wedding party to have perfect smiles on your wedding day, so why not turn your teeth-whitening session into a fun pre-wedding gathering with your entire bridal party? Many cosmetic dentists, including Gordon Dental, offer packages for wedding parties.
  4. After whitening, watch what you eat: Eating raw fruits and veggies helps clean your teeth, but stay away from dark, sticky foods that can stain teeth, like red wine and coffee. If you can’t get through a day without Starbucks, be sure to sip your coffee and tea through a straw to protect your pearly whites.

Your wedding pictures capture the day – and your smile – forever. Whitening will ensure that you’ll smile even bigger on your special day, with dazzling, bright teeth that will give you confidence when all eyes – and cameras – are on you. Get that perfect smile on your wedding day! Call Gordon Dental (816.505.2222) to schedule a special whitening session for you and your wedding party. After-hours whitening sessions are available upon request.

When you’re wearing a beautiful, brilliant smile, the wedding guests may not even notice your dress!