Dental Implants

Having no teeth can have a very negative impact on one’s life. There’s continued bone resorption, reduced taste and reduced chewing ability. Conventional dentures are only able to provide an average of 20% of chewing efficiency. However, with dental implants at Gordon Dental, we can restore the remaining 80%.

Implant supported dentures can be a life changing experience with many patients being able to enjoy the foods they haven’t been able to eat for many years.

You can choose to have the implant-supported denture permanently fixed in your jaw or you can just have a denture that attaches to the implants but can be removed at any time. You can even have a full mouth reconstructed with implants and fixed porcelain bridges which is the closest to having natural teeth again.

Are You Missing Any Teeth?

You might not be aware of this, but missing tooth can possibly affect your overall health and impact the function of your mouth and jaws. If left for too long, your remaining natural teeth with gradually move and shift into the empty spaces, causing the structure of your mouth to be misaligned – and this is where other complications and problems start to happen and that’s why we need the specific dental treatment called dental implants.

What Makes Implants So Great?

A dental implant is an artificial, stand-alone tooth “root” that is anchored into your mouth, at the location of your missing tooth. The biocompatible materials used in implants encourage new bone growth around them (“osseointegration”) so that they stay firmly in place. In fact, 98% of implants last for the life of the patient!

Due to their stability, implants can be used for:

* Single tooth replacement, when restored with a porcelain crown
* Multiple tooth replacement, when two to three implants support a fixed bridge
* Full mouth rehabilitation, such as the case of implant supported dentures

A dental implant is a permanent replacement for your missing tooth, hence making it the ideal solution to fill those empty gaps. Dental implants at Gordon Dental can be used to replace one or many teeth – however, your dental health will need to be assessed thoroughly as not everyone may be suitable for this procedure. Dental implants are placed in your jawbone for structural integrity and to improve the strength of your facial structure which could make sure that replacements are in place when you are eating, talking or smiling.

Anti-Aging… With Dental Implants?

The more you age, the more your lips, cheeks, teeth, and even your facial bones change. If you have missing teeth on top of that, it can make you look (and feel) far older than your true age.

Missing teeth can cause your lips and cheeks to sink in, due to excessive space combined with additional bone loss. Wrinkles and sunken in appearance aren’t an uncommon result. With dental implants at Gordon Dental, we not only replace your tooth, we also strengthen the bone and improve your overall health!

Your implant is made up of an artificial root that supports an abutment, which is topped with a crown, bridge, or even a denture!

Benefits of implants include…

* The most realistic tooth replacement in modern dentistry
* Easier chewing and biting, improving your diet
* Enhancing your speech
* Durability that can last a lifetime
* Strengthening the bone (and supporting adjacent teeth)

There’s no other type of replacement teeth available that can look and feel closer to a real tooth, than dental implants! Implants don’t slip out of place or snap in and out like other types of prosthetics. In fact, they’re stronger than real teeth!

Our Technology

At Gordon Dental, we are committed to providing high-quality dental implants to deliver excellent functional and aesthetic results.

Computer Guided Implant Surgery is the latest advance in implant placement and it’s now available at Gordon Dental. With this advanced dental technology we combine the use of a 3D CT scan with computer software to accurately and precisely plan the implant surgery, down to the minimal details.

By creating an accurate three-dimensional plan prior to implant placement we can reduce surgical and restorative chair time, maximize use of the highest quality bone and ensure optimal implant placement for exceptional aesthetic and functional results.

What Are The Advantages Over Conventional Surgery?

* Shorter operation time
* Accurate, safe and predictable
* Smaller incisions
* Faster healing and less swelling
* Faster delivery of the prosthesis and better results for viewing and chewing

This type of surgery is particularly beneficial to reduce needs for bone grafts and also for people who are fearful about surgical procedures.

CT scans needed for this type of procedure are usually partially bulk billed under the Medicare scheme.

Used during the surgical procedure, the surgical guide directs the implant drilling system and provides for accurate placement according to the digital surgical treatment plan created on the computer.

Get an Implant Consultation Today

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