Dental Bridges in Kansas City, MO and Leawood, KS

If you’re missing more than one tooth, you may feel anxious to show your smile. You may also have trouble eating or speaking. You don’t want removable dentures—you prefer a more permanent solution.

Fortunately, dentures aren’t your only option. With dental bridges, you can benefit from a natural-looking cosmetic solution that connects directly to your remaining teeth. Gordon Dental is proud to offer strong, durable dental bridges for qualified patients in Kansas City, MO, and Leawood, KS.

Benefits of Our Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a good choice if you need to replace several teeth. Bridges can fill all the gaps in your mouth, so you don’t have to get a separate implant for each missing tooth.

Bridges are also a good choice for patients whose jawbones cannot support implants. Bridges connect to your teeth rather than to your jawbone. Each bridge consists of a group of false teeth, with a crown on each side that connects to your natural teeth.

The process to place a dental bridge is simple. At our clinic in Leawood, KS, or Kansas City, MO, it takes just two appointments. First, our dental staff members shave the enamel on each tooth that sits next to the gap of missing teeth. We make a model of your mouth and send it to a lab, where your bridge is created. When your dental bridge arrives, our staff cements it in place.

Count On Gordon Dental

At Gordon Dental, we can take care of all your dental needs, including dental bridges. We love the look on our patients’ faces when they first see their beautiful, new smiles.

While our dental services are top-notch, we pride ourselves on our caring atmosphere. We have many patients who have called us their dentist for years.

If you would like a consultation about dental bridges, call us at our Kansas City, MO, office at 816-505-2222 or our Leawood, KS, office at 913-649-5017.