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In this episode Dr John introduces the concept behind the podcast series. It’s all about your smile!

There is so much that a great Smile can do for you and those around you. It speaks so loudly to others without saying a word. Dr John will share with you all the many different ways that a Smile can be enhanced so that you can have the Smile you have always wanted. And consequently help provide you with the best life possible by giving yourself a huge boost in your confidence and self esteem.

Dr. John will talk about each procedure individually , what happens at the various appointments and what you can expected. We all are a bit curious and want the inside scoup about what goes on.  He’ll share pros and cons and he’ll be very honest and upfront about dental treatments, procedures and projects outcomes.

He will talk about the tremendous impact technology has with dentistry. The digital world has jumped into dentistry with both feet. You as a patient will be amazed if you have the opportunity to experience high technology and digital dentistry during your dental treatment.

At the conclusion of each podcast, Dr Gordon will have a guest who will share with you tips on where in Kansas City you can go share your gorgeous, beautiful stunning Smile. You are going to be surprised as to who his guests will be each podcast. You will be sure and want to listen.